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Welcome to the official website of children's book author, Papa Moose. I'm glad that you stopped by! I am the author of Bucky the Sweet-Toothed Beaver, drawn by my talented friend Yusup Mediyan, and  Lou the Big Horned Rhino and Panic at the Pumpkin Patch drawn by my amazing friend William Velasco.
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Bucky the Sweet-Toothed Beaver
Illustrated by Yusup Mediyan
Bucky the beaver was perfectly happy working at his construction job and eating his bark and grass. But that was before a crate marked "CANDY" rolled up to his door.
Now it's up to Bucky and his best friend Bert to kick his sugar habit before the rainy season begins. A story full of warmth, adventure and humor that anyone with a sweet tooth can relate to, Bucky the Sweet-Toothed Beaver is a tale about friendship and self-control with a sweet, sticky center.
Lou the Big Horned Rhino
Illustrated by William Velasco
Lou is a rhino with a very big problem. Lou's giant horn has made him famous, and the toughest rhino around. But deep down, Lou's got a secret: he wants a normal horn. Can a nervous zebra and a questionable doctor help him see the point?

With its stunning illustrations and lively rhyme, Lou the Big Horned Rhino is sure to delight children, parents and teachers alike.
Panic at the Pumpkin Patch
Illustrated by William Velasco
Something’s rotten at Jolly Roger’s Pumpkin Patch. Three crimes have been committed, all on Halloween. Who can solve this mystery?
Enter Detective Ryan Holiday and his trusty assistant, Bo. He’s the man (and the dog) for the job. But can even this dynamic duo solve this pumpkin problem? With clever clues, amazing illustrations and wonderful read (and shout!) along rhymes, Panic at the Pumpkin Patch is sure to be a holiday classic. Grab your junior detective badge and help solve the case today!
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